Thrive for perfection

We Aim to go the extra mile and beyond all expectations and accept nothing but the best.

Spark of creativity

Innovation is the core drive behind everything we do. Every project is a journey we are willing to enjoy.

Passion is key

Our Vision

Is to help startups with outstanding design, development and professional support in all phases

We’re a passionate

Group of Xperts

 Aiming to provide a world class service in this part of the Middle East as well as other parts around the globe, our dedication to our mission pushes us so far in re-imagining the way online businesses should get built.

Our efforts is to simplify

The means that allows our customers to build not just their website, but their online presence at large. We have gathered a very talented team of professionals who share a common love for their work and what they do.

A business is a journey

It takes a lot of efforts to make a business successful, and because the responsibilities are critical and time sensitive, founders need to have a professional support with an outstanding operation that could answer their questions and perhaps a consultation or an urgent solution to a sudden problem.

Our experience in this field

Allowed us to tailor a high quality level in every service our company is providing from Web Design, Web Development, Hosting solutions, Projects Scaling, Cloud Hosting Architecture, Projects management and more.

A successful business is as successful as the people who are managing it

They need to be certain that they are being protected, supported, and most importantly one phone call away from a professional who can get back to you to solve any major problem that might affect their business.

We are here to prove that

Sky is not the limit.

We work together as a team, each project is pretty much understood and being constructed by each one of us, creating a stunning and powerful digital experience is what we do.
Super Practical

Fresh Ideas

We shine spotlights on unique ideas and unlock value through creativity and technology.

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    Evox Team

    We stand at the ready..

    Working Hours : 11:00 – 20:30
    Address : El Agamy, Alexadria, EG 21500
    Phone : +20-10000-61165