EVOX©- EVOLUTION EXPERTS CO - Web Design, Web Development. E Marketing & Branding, Internet Solutions - Company Headquarter Located in Egypt Alexandria. our goal is to help startups and make the internet worth browsing.
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Frequently Asked Questions -Check out the FAQ’s for best practices for using our service or contact our support team for help.

Do you offer support?

Yes, our team is always at the ready to helping both users and business owners and fix their issues. First time managing a website could be overwhelming and we will do our best to ease things up.

Will you install CMS ?

Yes, the WordPress is recommended specially of you don’t have coding knowledge. We will configure your website and install your WordPress and your modules to insure the website is ready to accepting new content and images.

Will you Backup My site?

Yes, our Cloud hosting solution is constantly receiving information from all of our customers. Part of the cloud’s job is to store frequent backups and store them in case one of our new users did something and deleted parts of their website.

How do I recover deleted content?

You can simply restore your website to earlier day or you can contact our support team and we will do it for you in no time.

Am i locked into any contracts?

No, apart from your hosting plan (if you are hosted with us) there are no contracts. However, you must accept and abide by our terms of service and user agreement; otherwise, you will lose your account and will be locked for violating the user agreement.

How Much does it cost?

Our Web-Design entry level is 3500 EGP, including a cloud hosting plan, .com domain name, unlimited emails, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and Logo Design.

Will you help with the customization ?

Yes, part of our approach is to actually insure that each project gets designed exactly as its owner envisioned, although it takes time to get traffic, we are confident we can do our part and get you up and running in no time! Our team will be always available should you need help.

Can i use MULTIMEDIA in the design?

It all depends on your hosting plan. If you choose our Purple-Cloud solution, then the answer is without a doubt a yes. If you use a third-party hosting plan then you should ask them first.

When do i get my website lunched?

If you already have the content of your website and the pictures that will be used in the project then it will take only 1 Week.

Do you sell Domains?

Not individually, although we do sell bulk domains or a single domains as part of a project that’s developed by our company.

Do you host EMAILS ?

Yes, all of our customers are offered both IMAP & POP3 email servers to insure maximum business connectivity. The email servers are also being served by the same infrastructures of our Cloud.

Is my website mobile friendly?

Yes, each project developed by EVOX is mobile friendly. In fact, it’s an essential part of our approach as we want to create consistent user experience that is enjoyable across all devices.

How many visitors can i have?

Unlimited amount of visitors is the answer. Since our infrastructure provides the same hardware specifications to all of our customers whether for personal, business, or enterprise use. You can set you mind at ease and don’t think about how powerful your website will really be. There are people behind the scene that are always working to insure a seamless experience.

How fast will my website be?

Your website represents the result of our work. We use caching technologies and CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to provide the best experience for any project, the TTFB (time to first bite) & TTL (Time To Load) are tuned and served from a carefully maintained VPS Cloud, so the answer is: Very Fast.

Can i sell my website?

Yes, you are not bound by any contracts. You can give your website credentials to anyone, however in this case we should be notified as we might need to inform the site owner of any developments concerning their account.

Is my website search-engine friendly ?

Yes, each website our company creates is search-engine friendly. It doesn’t take a lot of efforts to get indexed by Google, Bing or ask.com. However, the ranking of your website is a different matter, entirely. We also provide SEO services to help rank your websites with all prominent search engines.

Do you offer marketing ?

Yes, our marketeers are always working and keeping up with new developments in the field of on-line marketing and innovating to bring our community the latest and most valuable information and best practices.

No content! what should i do?

No worries, we will create the content for you but as that will be a custom work, it will require a full keyword analysis and hence more time & more money. You can always contact out team to find out. We can not give a specific price as we don’t know how many pages, what project, or how many images are you looking to download and purchase.
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