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Different styles from different places. We can bet that you won’t see the same faces. Just swish and click and you will see different designs made by Egyptians with love. Clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, you name it. Scream, shout; you deserve to stand out. BrandLoca beyond local. Be different, act local.

Well organized

Multi-language, Multi-Currency, Multi-vendor FashionPlace

Designed to be SEO friendly and meets HTML 5 standards. It is also designed to have the fastest page load speed, whether you are viewing lots of articles or a lot of different products that load together on the page.With Many Handcrafted beauty styles for the whole shop experience and product types, simple, variable, Grouped, Gallery, sticky details, Pin Marker, Out of Stock, On Sale and more.

Unique Experience

it is very easy to use. we invite you to try this amazing experience.

Brandloca.com supports a complete ajax shop, with intelligent filtering, delivering extremely fast speeds, eliminating the need to wait for page loads. And BrandlocaV2, with its Instant Product Search system, instantly finds results instantly when you type without waiting for a moment.

Optimized For
Mobile Devices

Designed to work on any device, especially mobile devices.

With the mobile first design Planning, New Brandloca Design brings a great experience on mobile devices. Nowadays, almost every website visit comes from mobile devices, so brandloca will be the perfect choice for all stylish mobile users.

High Quality


EvoxTeam work wonders with celebrities such as Bakery Page Builder, Revolution Slider and WooCommerce to give you the power of customizing and editing your website easily.


Handcrafted Features


Unique Combinations

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