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Gerard’s Arabia

Since 1970, Gerard’s laboratories have been working for the development of innovative products and treatments for face and body care, with invaluable know-how thanks to the constant collaboration between researchers, beauty consultants and therapists.

Gerad’s Cosmetics – Middle East Branch

A cosmetic brand exclusively Made in Italy that satisfies the demands of beauty professionals as well as the end consumer.

Powerful Shop

Ultra Responsive

Instance Search

Super Cool Design

After spending some time and efforts in designing and developing their new website, we were ready to take their online empire to the next level.From clever integration of social networks like Instagram for building traffic and clickable links, to it’s incredibly fluid responsive design for all of today’s modern devices and much more.

Powerful Filters

Provide the user with a really seamless experience because you don’t need to refresh or reload the page when you change search parameters.

Responsive Design

No matter what device The website is viewed upon, it will scale to meet the parameters and dimensions of that device.

Product Layout

We went the next step to provide a really slick range of options when it comes to displaying product details layouts.

Powerful Options

Options panel built into the backend removes complexity making it easier and simple to access all the features and extended functionality.

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