Global Hunter

Established in 2020 by Rami Andrawes, an expert in the Middle East and European recruitment markets for more than 10 years handling staffing and headhunting requests for various roles and in different countries around the globe.

Global hunters is a leading company in the field of staffing and headhunting in Egypt and around the globe from small size businesses to big size international companies.

It is certain that there is no limit to the vast ocean of knowledge

Our mission is to create a simple yet elegant website that reflect their work spirit and identity. We worked with their team and came up with an outstanding project we all proud of.


  • Logo Design and branding
  • Webdesign/Development
  • Litespeed Hosting Service

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    Address : El Agamy, Alexadria, EG 21500
    Phone : +20-10000-61165